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A Luxury custom tiny home designed & built by Big Fig Tiny Homes

Big Fig Tiny Homes

Tiny Home Builders

Designing & Building High Quality Tiny Homes & Cabins

Hunter Valley NSW

Live Small ~ Dream Big

A team of knowledge &



Licensed &


High Quality Materials, Processes &

Sustainable, Passive & Healthy Tiny Homes

About Us

Big Fig Tiny Homes

Big Fig Tiny Homes was born out of curiosity & passion. We aspire to design & build Tiny Homes that are of very high quality in every aspect, superiorly structured, healthy, passive, unique & built to suit your needs perfectly. After years of experience in the residential Building industry, Brothers Dan & Joel decided to scratch the itch on their years-long dream of entering the Tiny Home Community as Builders.

Big Fig strives to be on the forefront of building with the latest & greatest materials & processes, building to the highest possible standards to ensure our Tiny Homes can withstand our countries drastically varying climates & last a lifetime.

Big Fig was born on the family property, named after the colossal Fig tree that towers the workshop which was planted 6 generations ago in the 1880's. we aim to connect & open our clients to nature, minimalism, eco-friendly & affordable housing/living through designing & building our Tiny Homes. For those seeking Luxury accomodations, we can do that to!

Founders & direcotrs of Big Fig Tiny Homes

Our Team

our team may be small, but we are very driven and passionate about what we do!

We have worked together as brothers for 8 years from the start of our carpentry apprenticeships right up until now as qualified Builders.

We are Dynamic, driven, innovative, creative and super friendly :)


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